List of organizations and programs involved in small farm work in your state

Practical Farmers of Iowa
Description: Local Foods Initiatives, Value Chains for Identity Preserved and Specialty Meats, On-Farm Research, Outreach and Education include Field tours, Annual Winter Educational meeting, Youth development and education include an annual summer youth camp.

Iowa Network for Community Agriculture
Description: Local Foods Initiatives, Annual Outreach and Education meeting, Community Field Days/Dinners, mentoring support for new growers, quarterly newsletter, website:

Southeast Iowa Nut Growers
Description: brochures, field days

Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture
Description: Value-Chains for Identity-Preserved and Local Products, Local Foods Initiatives, Research and Business Development Grants, outreach and education programs

Beginning Farmer Center, ISU
Description: programs, brochures, speakers, and assistance. Mike Duffy, e-mail:

Iowa State University Extension Sustainable Ag Program
Description: workshops, website, programs, speakers, manuals, bulletins. Jerry DeWitt e-mail:

Iowa State University Extension Organic Ag Program
Description: workshops, website, programs, speakers, manuals, bulletins, annual conference. Kathleen Delate, e-mail:

USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service
Description: Assistance to Limited Resource Farmers and Beginning Farmers through technical and financial assistance. Future Organic Farmers in Iowa Program, mentoring program for transitioning organic Iowa farmers. Biological Composting Project for small and organic farmers in Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin (partnering with Organic Crop Improvement Association in Iowa Chapter 4 and Iowa State University). Diversity Gardens (multi-cultural community gardens) in 2 locations in Iowa. (Lead organization is Ag Connect). Women, Land and Legacy, an educational and technical assistance project for women in agriculture in Iowa. This project is just beginning and is a project of the USDA State Outreach Council in Iowa.

Funding sources

Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture -

USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service
Description: Currently, the only official funding for small farmers is included in the Farm Bill conservation programs. There is the possibility of some additional funding for projects that benefit a group of small farmers, depending on the federal budget. Tanya Meyer-Dideriksen, State Outreach Coordinator, 300 W Welsh St., PO Box 87, Williamsburg, IA 52361, (319)668-8110, e-mail:


Agricultural Marketing Resource Center -

Extension Sustainable Agriculture Program -

Practical Farmers of Iowa -

Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture -

Beginning Farmer Center -

Organic Agriculture - Iowa State University -

Kitchen Incubators and Other Food Related Small Business -

Data for Decision Makers (demographic, income, retail trade, agricultural, and child and family information for every Iowa County) -

USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service - (national site)


Iowa Laws: Sale of Home-prepared Foods -

Selling Food Products: A business from your home -

Local Food Connections: From Farms to Schools -

Selling Fruits and Vegetables -

Local Food Systems for Iowa: CSA -

Iowa CSA Farms: 2003 Statewide List of Iowa CSA Farms, Producers, and Organizers -

Organic Agriculture -

A variety of pamphlets and fact sheets regarding conservation opportunities are available at local USDA Service Centers and on the NRCS website.


Acreage Living -

Woodland Owners Newsletter -

Local Soil and Water Conservation Districts mail quarterly newsletters to farmers in their local counties on a quarterly basis. Contact your local NRCS office to make sure your name and address are on the mailing list.

Regular events (annual workshops, field days, tours, etc.)

Iowa Organic Conference - annually in November

Practical Farmers of Iowa winter meeting - annually in January

Practical Farmers of Iowa summer field tours - 8 to 20 each spring, summer, and fall

Iowa Network for Community Agriculture winter meeting -

USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service - Events are scheduled as needed according to conservation program opportunities.

Other Small Farm Resources

Iowa Farmers Union -

Iowa RC&D Areas -

NRCS State Outreach Coordinator, Tanya Meyer-Dideriksen -

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